Top 3 Reasons Why Kevin Durant is Special

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant became a dominant player in NBA since he joined Golden State Warriors from Oklahoma City Thunder. Golden State Warriors, arguably the strongest roster in NBA, became more powerful after his arrival.

Within a year after moving to Oakland, he put himself in a commanding position. He became the Most Valuable Player (MVP) on the way to 2017 NBA title win. Here are top 3 reasons that part him from the rest.


Contributes to the defence

Kevin Durant was considerably the best athlete in the NBA last season. Being as tall as 6’9”, the forward mitigated the loss of Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes.

He helped the Warriors play multiple lineups by marking the opposition’s best player (LeBron James in the final). Protecting the rim and fighting for reorganizing are few of his extraordinary abilities. He maximized to induce stops and counter and play in transition.


Kevin Durant

Fitted into the Golden State system

2016-17 was the best season of Kevin Durant’s career. He established himself as an integral part of Warriors’ attack with two great in form talents like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He scored from 54% of his shots and turned into an all round scoring machine. His off-the-ball movement and court awareness are insanely amazing. Moreover, Golden State Warriors’ has its own playing system and he adapted in it as he was playing it for so long.

With him in the team, Warriors turned into an attacking maniac that to them other teams had no answer.


Big moment player

The Warriors had a very easy time during the playoffs. Though they won the trophy eventually, it was not that easy as it sounds on paper during the latter stage of their campaign.

During the game 3 of the NBA Finals, James and Irving ran riot. The ability of Durant was in question as they were in huge deficit. It was high time Kevin should deliver, and eventually, he did. He scored 14 points during the fourth quarter, 31 overall. His team won the game by five points from a huge deficit thanks to Kevin Durant’s outrageous performance.

Kevin Durant

The exclamation point came when he strolled up the court to knock down a pull-up three over LeBron James to give his team the lead.

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