How Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather

how conor mcgregor can beat floyd mayweather

It’s happening folks. The long awaited impossible looking megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor is now a reality. This fight will take place on T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

how conor mcgregor can beat floyd mayweather

Former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed on social media that he will come back from his 23-month retirement. Conor McGregor, on the other hand, tweeted “The Fight Is On”.

Conor McGregor is a 28-year-old Irish Southpaw. He holds a record of 21-3 in MMA with 18 KOs. McGregor will make his debut in professional boxing against Mayweather. However, Mayweather is the most elusive boxer of his era with an intriguing record of 49-0 (26 Kos).

Although there is no shortage of discussion, let’s have a deep insight of the FIGHT itself. Mayweather is the hot favourite but we will focus on how McGregor can pull up a stunner.

How Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather

Who will win the fight? – is a million dollar question. McGregor is the biggest MMA star. He is the better fighter but Mayweather is the better boxer. None of them belongs to the other’s arena.

Firas Zahabi, Tristar MMA said

 It’s like, “Who wins, a lion or a shark?” Well, if it’s in an aquarium, the shark. If it’s in the jungle, the lion.

McGregor’s left hand will be The key factor of this match. Will it generate enough power to knock out Mayweather as it normally does in MMA? Moreover, Mayweather had similar experiences before at the top level boxing. But, Mayweather is now 40 years and had been retired for almost 2 years. Mayweather had won all the matches he played but he had never played against an MMA Maestro before.

What Conor should bring to the table is the unorthodox offline angles with unconventional footwork that only an MMA player possesses. Mayweather is not used to them. McGregor should attack Mayweather where he can’t hide behind his arms, bring something that Mayweather hasn’t seen before.

It is expected that McGregor will bully a lot. He will lure Mayweather from his realm. Maybe he will take a jab willingly to connect with his left hand.

Dirty boxing is the key

McGregor will take the risk of being disqualified. He will box dirty, will take warnings from the referee, and may even lose points. If losing points leads to KO, McGregor will never hesitate. Muhammad Ali did that in several fights too. In such a big fight, it’s quite tough to disqualify someone. McGregor must take the risk. Otherwise, he doesn’t have a chance.

Boxing matches are 11 minutes longer than MMA. McGregor is not used to that. He will become tired in later rounds and Mayweather will shred him apart. Therefore, McGregor should look for KOs in the first few rounds.

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